Working Age

The Working Age Project is designed to support visually impaired members build confidenceestablish a career status and gain sustainable employment or volunteer work.  

We work in collaboration with other providers and therefore have three employment advisers:
Trevor Aziz – Working Age Officer.

 Suk Bahra – Wright Time. 
Amardeep Tokhi – Thomas Pocklington Trust.

The Working Age Project is funded by the Greater London for the Blind and provides the following services to volunteering or route to employment: 

  • Personal Development Plan. 
  • Route to Work or Volunteering. 
  • Confidence Building. 
  • CV Support and Workshops.  
  • Admin Hub  – Real Life Experience in an Office Environment. 
  • Motivational Speakers and Peer Support. 
  • Interview Workshops.  
  • Networking Events. 
  • One to One Support Sessions.   
  • Team Building Exercises. 
  • Access to Work Support. 
  • Social Groups and Outings. 

Our aim is to support and guide members and to encourage them to live life to the full after sight loss. 

The Working Age programme provides a variety of social activities during the year. In 2018 the group went on various trips including visiting local parks & cafés, London Eye & river cruise, wine bars, Combe Lodge, Box Parkexcursions and sight village.

Weekly Social Activities 
Every Wednesday we run a book club, board games & quiz. These events include team building exercises which encourage the group to gain closer bond. As part of the project, the group also visits national organisations such as Thomas Pocklington Trust and RNIB, to hear and network with people experiencing similar journeys of sight loss. 

The benefits of being able to socialise in a safe space, participate in activities as well as network has seen the confidence of individual members grow. 
The camaraderie of the entire group has improved; growing in strength and number.