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Mt Kilimanjaro Trek – Review

I think the most surprising part about climbing Kilimanjaro is not that I, (Susanette) managed to reach the summit but that I even attempted it. Hiking, camping or sleeping in tent were unfamiliar territory, however, for such a good cause; raising money for an accessible 7-seater vehicle; I opted in. Climbing Kilimanjaro took 6 days and 2days to come back down; a different route.

We traversed through five different ecosystems in just as many days (rainforest, alpine desert to artic snowcap). The ground organiser; Tanzania Travel Company, their guides, porters and chefs; simply amazing. Their support and encouragement was a blessing. Along the way, they greeted us with ‘Jambo’ (hello), ‘Akunamata’ (no problem), ‘Pole Pole’ (slow, slow). The Lemosho route was perfect for the slow rise to low levels of oxygen. We spent our first night below 3,000m, 10,000 feet and encountered birdsongs and monkey hoots. Next night was at 3,500m/11,500 feet and then three nights around the 4,000m/ 13,123 feet mark before moving higher to 4,650m/ 15,256 feet at Barafu camp.

Summit night was by far the hardest; trekking from 11pm to 8pm , continuous
snow and temperature of -15 degrees. However, the experience truly builds ones resilience and tenacity – enabling a person to discover the heights of their capability and strength. Through God’s grace, we overcame doubts and mental weariness; to reach Uhuru Peak; taking pictures with Croydon Vision’s T-shirt.

Back at the hotel, we were awarded certificates and a medal that reads;
believe, achieve and inspire. The experience of Kilimanjaro is an unforgettable one; it embraces shared vision, a common goal and builds ones tolerance level. Finally, it enables a person to align their perspective, to be grateful; even for the little things in life. 

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